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The Alberta Chess Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of chess in Alberta. We are affiliated with the Chess Federation of Canada and provide support to players and organizers province wide.

We gratefully acknowledge the support we receive from the Recreation and Physical Activity Division of Alberta Culture and Tourism!

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Executive Director: Vladimir Pechenkin
Phone: 780-913-2775
ACA News

June 30: GM Pentala Harikrishna won the 10th Edmonton International
The Indian grandmaster finished the main event of the traditional festival with 7.5/9, a full point ahead of  GMs Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine), Hao Wang (China) and Surya Ganguly (India). All the games between the top four finishers were drawn, and GM Harikrishna emerged victorious by virtue of scoring 6/6 against the rest of the field. GM Samuel Shankland (USA) took the fifth place with a score of 6/9. Overall, the results of the tournament were predictable. The five grandmasters gave away only four draws to the rest of the players, and there was only one upset in 45 games played. In round 6 IM Aman Hambleton overpressed and eventually lost the most dramatic encounter of the event to FM Dale Haessel. Final standings are available on the festival website.

June 12:
Grandmaster Chess Camp in Calgary
Calgary Chess Club will be hosting another chess camp this summer, before the 8th Calgary International Festival. Visit the event webpage for details, schedule and registration.

June 11:
ACA Casino
The most important fundraising event of the year was conducted at the Century Casino in Edmonton on June 8-9. The ACA thanks all the volunteers who participated. Your contribution will allow the Association to deliver most of its programs for the next two years.

June 10:
David Miller is the 32nd Trumpeter Classic Champion
David scored 4.5/5 and claimed clear first. Christopher Piotrowski finished second with 4/5, while Kim Nguyen took the third place (3.5/5). Final standings are now available on the tournament website.

May 31:
8th Calgary International Qualifier/Fundraiser
FM Dale Haessel scores 4/5 (undefeated) and takes clear first. Kim Nguyen, Kris Boehmer and Hafiz Karmali share the second with 3.5/5. In the Under 1400 section Paul Wang and Gerard Labute tie for first with a result of 4/5.

May 18:
2015 Red Deer Open is concluded
David Miller and Micah Hughey finish in a tie for the first place with 4.5/5. Kim Nguyen takes clear third with 3.5/5. Final standings and games are available on the event webpage.

May 16:
David Miller and Kim Nguyen lead the 2015 Red Deer Open
Both players have a perfect score after 3 rounds of play. Micah Hughey is right behind with 2.5/3. A total of 20 participants compete in the tournament.

May 15:
May 2015 Alberta Chess Report (preprint) is available online
Visit the ACR webpage to download an electronic version of the ACA newsletter. A few more pages with tournament announcements will be added before the issue goes to print. A PGN-file with annotated games is also available.

May 6:
8th Calgary International Website is Live
This year the annual event will take place at the Calgary Chess Club from July 29 through August 3. An Open Swiss Fundraiser will be held on May 30-31. Please visit the festival website for more details.

May 3:
Robert "Rocket" Gardner qualifies for the 10th Edmonton International
After 4 rounds of play Nicolas Haynes was leading the Qualifier with a perfect score, half a point ahead of Rob. However, in the final round the "Rocket" prevailed in their head-to-head encounter and secured a rendez-vous with GM Vassily Ivanchuk in June. Final standings as well as most of the games played are available at the event website.

April 26: Arnold McKay wins the 2015 AB Seniors Championship with 4/5.
Sardul Purewal finishes clear second (3.5/5), while Terry Seehagen takes the third place (3/5).
WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement becomes the 2015 AB Women's champion.

April 12:
2015 Lethbridge Open ends in a three-way tie for the first place
Tristan Tran-Ly, Kim Nguyen and FM Vladimir Pechenkin all finished with 4/5. The biggest upset of the tournament goes to Jack Davies who managed to score a full point against Kim Nguyen despite a 530-point rating difference. Final standings may be viewed here.

April 5:
IM Richard Wang is the 2015 Alberta Closed Champion
Richard successfully navigated through the key matchups on Sunday by drawing FM Alex Yam with the black pieces and then defeating IM Edward Porper. IM Wang thus won the title with a result of 4/5. FM Yam finished second scoring 3.5/5. The third place went to CM Rafael Arruebarrena (2.5/5). The crosstable of the event may be viewed on the tournament webpage.
The Reserves section was won by Diwen Shi. Kim Nguyen and Mohamad Fellah shared the second. The final standings may be accessed here.

April 4:
Alberta Closed is underway
After 3 rounds of play IM Richard Wang leads with 2.5 points. The defending champion FM Alex Yam and CM Rafael Arruebarrena are right behind with 2/3. IM Edward Porper with 1.5/3 also has a theoretical chance to win the title. Round 4 will feature a key matchup Yam-Wang, while the most important game of round 5 is probably going to be Wang-Porper. Current standings are available on the event webpage.
The Reserves section is led by Diwen Shi with a perfect score of 3/3. Mike Zeggelaar and Mohamad Fellah trail by half a point. In round 4 Mike will try to upset the leader on board 1. Full standings after round 3 may be viewed here, while round 4 pairings are available here.

March 15:
Kim Nguyen wins the March of Kings with a perfect score of 5/5
Ian Zhao and Mohamad Fellah share the second place with a result of 3.5/5.

March 8:
10th Edmonton International website is up and running
Ukrainian legend GM Vassily Ivanchuk will return to Edmonton this year to defend his title. Other confirmed participants include GMs Pentala Harikrishna, Sam Shankland and Surya Shekhar Ganguly. As usual, the winner of the qualifying tournament will get a spot in the main event. Visit the festival website for more information.

February 28:
Eric Hansen's Grandmaster Chess Camp
This three-day event will be held at the Calgary Chess Club on March 24-26. Visit the camp webpage for details, schedule and registration.

February 22:
Alberta Youth Chess Championship is concluded
The winners are: Ron Offengenden (U8), Ian Zhao (U10), Sean Mah (U12), Chenxi Wu (U14), Diwen Shi (U16) and IM Richard Wang (U18).

February 16:
Rafael Arruebarrena tops the Northern Alberta Open with 5/5
Rafael qualifies for the 2015 Alberta Closed that will be held in Calgary in April. The second place is shared by the following four players who scored 4/5: Kim Nguyen, Itohan Gold, FM Dale Haessel and IM Richard Wang.

February 11:
University of Calgary wins the University Battle of Alberta
University of Alberta team finishes second, while University of Lethbridge and Mount Royal University share third. The tournament was held with an active time control as a 10-round Open Swiss of 38 players. The top 5 players from each school contributed to the overall team score. The individual crosstable features Vlad Rekhson representing the U of C with a perfect 10/10 (!) result, ahead of FM Dale Haessel (8.5/10) and Kim Nguyen (7/10). Both team and individual standings are available on the event webpage.

January 26:
Calgary Regional Youth Championship attracted 75 participants
The competition was held in six age groups. Additionally, Under 10 and Under 12 categories featured a Reserve Section. Final standings for all 8 sections are now available on the tournament webpage.

January 5:
35 players participated in the 2015 John Schleinich Memorial
Daniel Kazmaier and Gary Ng won Section A with a score of 4/5. Final standings for all 6 sections may be viewed on the tournament website.

December 24:
ACA Budget Meeting will be held in Red Deer on January 17, 2015
As usual, proposals from ACA members may be emailed to by January 10, 2015.

December 14:
The Triforce of Wisdom wins the WBX Tournament
The team consisting of Kim Nguyen, Robert Brazeau and Patrick Porter wins the annual tournament at the Edmonton Chess Club with a result of 10.5/15. Terry Seehagen once again did a great job in organizing and directing the event.

December 12:
Workshops for Tournament Directors
The ACA will hold two workshops for persons wishing to become Tournament Directors. Both events are organized by International Arbiter Vlad Rekhson. The participants will be able to take a free National Arbiter exam on the same day. The workshop in Edmonton is on December 21, the one in Calgary is on December 27. View corresponding program flyers for more details.

December 12:
2015 John Schleinich Memorial will be hosted by Calgary Chess Club
Thanks to a private sponsor, the projected prize fund will be double of the entry fees minus ACA dues. More information and pre-registration on the Calgary Chess Club website.

December 12:
8 teams registered for WBX Tournament
The traditional event will be held over the course of the weekend of December 13-14. Full team rosters may be viewed on the tournament webpage.

November 30:
Gary Ng defends his Southern Alberta Champion title
Just like in 2013, Gary wins the 2014 edition of the event with a score of 4.5/5 qualifying for the 2015 Alberta Closed Championship. Jim Daniluk, David Miller and FM Dale Haessel finish in a tie for the second place with 4/5. Final standings may be viewed on the Calgary Chess Club website.

November 25:
ACA Tournaments in 2015
The 2015 schedule is almost finalized and may be viewed on the Tournaments page.

November 24:
IM Richard Wang is the 2014 AB Junior Champion
Richard won the Championship section of the event with a score of 4.5/5. Diwen Shi was the only player who managed to draw the rating favourite finishing second with 3.5/5. Kaixin Wang claimed clear third (3/5). The biggest upset of the tournament turned out to be Patrick Tolentino's win over Diwen.
Andre Angelo Tolentino dominated the Open section finishing with 4.5/5. Siddhartha Chitrakar scored 3.5/5 taking clear second. David Yao and Nimai Koneru tied for third with 3/5.
Justin Qian and Mark Ivanescu won the U1300 section with an excellent score of 6/7. In a playoff match that followed Justin emerged victorious claiming the 1st place trophy.
Sydney Mah and Tanushka Jindal played a close match in the Girls section. Sydney managed to win the title only after the fourth game.
The ACA congratulates all the winners and thanks all the participants for playing. 

November 11:
GMs occupy the pedestal of the 7th Calgary International
Victor Mikhalevski finishes clear first with an undefeated score of 8/9. Second place goes to Enrico Sevillano (7/9), while Alexander Shabalov takes third (6/9).

November 10:
David Miller and Jim Daniluk tie for first at the Calgary International Open
The tournament was full of surprises and upsets but the rating favorites ended up on top of the standings with a score of 4/5. GM Victor Mikhalevski leads the main event of the festival with an impressive result of 6.5/7.

November 7:
ACA Planning Meeting
The ACA Board of Directors will get together for a planning meeting in Red Deer on November 15. Proposals to be added to the agenda may be emailed to

November 7:
7th Calgary International is underway
The main event of the traditional festival started on Thursday night at the Calgary Chess Club. The first round saw no surprises as the GMs won their games convincingly. Round 2 will feature the battle of the top two favorites: GM Alexander Shabalov vs. GM Victor Mikhalevski. Live broadcast begins at 6 PM.

October 19:
Patrick Tolentino claims a spot in the Championship Section of AB Junior
Patrick finished first in the Open Section of the Calgary Junior Regional Championship with 4/5. Andre Angelo Tolentino and Ian Zhao tied for second with 3.5/5. Dhruv Jindal won the U1300 Section with a result of 6/7; Zacchary Schlegel and Zehan Li were the runner-ups with a score of 5.5/7. Victor Zhao emerged victorious in the U800 Section with 6/7, while there was a three-way tie for second among Michael Bryuzgin, Sam Munoz and Maxim Bryuzgin (5/7). Tanushka Jindal scored 5/6 in the Girls Section; Shaira and Shekinah Munoz took second and third, respectively. Final standings for all four sections may be viewed on the tournament webpage.

October 18:
Geoff Newton Memorial Sectional is scheduled for the next weekend
The Edmonton Chess Club guarantees a $300 first prize in the top section. Registration closes on Monday, October 20. Contact the organizer and Tournament Director Mike Zeggelaar to register. Details are on the event webpage.

October 14:
IM Edward Porper is the 2014 Alberta Open Champion
Edward finished with 5.5/6 defeating Robert Sasata in the decisive game of the final round. Diwen Shi had a chance to get his share of the first place but had to be content with a draw in his last game with Martin Robichaud. Nevertheless, Diwen's score of 5/6 was sufficient for clear second. Martin claimed the top U2200 prize; his result of 4.5/6 was actually good enough for a tie for third, along with Robert Gardner, Robert Sasata and Vladimir Pechenkin. Final standings are available on the event webpage.

October 11:
Alberta Open is underway at Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary
42 participants are competing. After 2 rounds 7 players lead with a perfect sore. Current standings and pairings for round 3 are on the tournament webpage.

October 5:
Kaixin Wang claims a spot in the Championship Section of 2014 AB Junior
Kaixin and David Yao tied for the first place in the Open Section of the Edmonton Junior Regional Championship with 4/5. Both players happened to have identical tie-breakers so a playoff blitz match between the two was necessary to determine the winner of the tournament. The match also ended up in a tie 1-1, and thus an Armageddon blitz game had to be played. Kaixin Wang got the white pieces and won convincingly. Lenard Grossmann came very close to his share of the first place but finished third with 3.5/5. The U1300 Section was won by Justin Qian with a score of 4.5/6. Sydney Mah finished second, while Mark Ivanescu got the third place.

October 2:
2014 AB Junior Championship
The annual tournament will be held in Edmonton on November 22-23, and the format will be the same as last year. Eligible players must be born on or after January 1, 1995. The competition will include 5 sections: Championship, Open, Under 1300, Under 800 and Girls. The most prestigious Championship section will be a 6-player round-robin, the winner receiving a $1,000 travel grant to participate in the 2015 Canadian Junior Chess Championship. 4 out of 6 players in the Championship section will be selected by rating, while the other two spots will go to the winners of the Edmonton and Calgary Junior Regionals to be held in October. The other sections are open to everyone born after January 1, 1995. For more details, please visit the tournament webpage.

September 27:
The website of the 7th Calgary International is up and running
The traditional festival will take place at the Calgary Chess Club on November 6-11. The main event will be a 10-player round-robin with IM norm opportunities. As usual, an Open Swiss Reserves tournament will be held alongside on November 7-9.

September 21: Tristan Tran-Ly wins the 20th Medicine Hat Open with a score of 4.5/5
Aaron Sequillion and John Quiring finish right behind with 4/5.

September 13:
Team North wins the Battle of Alberta with a score of 16.5:7.5
The rating favorites dominated this year, winning both rounds convincingly. The final results and the games are posted up on the event webpage.

September 12:
Venue for 2014 AB Open
The most important Open tournament in the province will be held at Deerfoot Inn & Casino this year. The tournament webpage contains most of the details of the event; further information will be posted up soon. The ACA guarantess the first prize of $1,000. Online pre-registration is encouraged although the total number of participants is not limited for the time being.

September 11:
Everything is ready for the Battle of Alberta
The team rosters have been finalized and may be viewed on the event webpage. Team South had to make a substitution after the announced deadline: Jerry Kobalenko replaced Lukas Beaudry on board 10. As in the previous few years, Team North is a clear rating favorite. However, last year Team South demonstrated that they could win the Trophy against all odds. Action begins on Saturday at 11:30 am.

September 1:
Over/Under 1800 in Edmonton
NM Aaron Sequillion and Louis Cheng shared the first place in the Over 1800 section with a score of 4/5. Piotr Pisanski from Grande Prairie won the Under 1800 section, also with 4/5. Final standings are on the tournament webpage.

August 26:
2014 August Alberta Chess Report is released online
Corrections may be made before the issue goes to press in a few days. Full details of the 2014 Alberta Open are not available yet but will most likely be included in the printed version. Visit the ACR page to download the Association's newsletter as a
pdf file.

August 20:
ACA game database is updated
Several recent tournaments have been included, and the whole database has been partially cleaned up and improved. An updated PGN file (6.5 Mb) may be downloaded from the Games page.

August 17:
NM Gary Ng qualifies for the 7th Calgary International
Gary scored 4.5/5, which was enough to secure clear first along with a spot in the main event. NM Aaron Sequillion finished second with a result of 4/5. Bradley Spotswood and Quirck Migrino won the U1400 section. In the meantime, David Miller continues to lead the Road Warrior race.

August 16:
Calgary International Quailifier is underway
After 3 rounds of play NM Gary Ng and David Miller are leading with a perfect score. The leaders will face each other in round 4 Sunday morning. Current standings are availalbe on the tournament webpage.

August 5:
Calgary International Qualifier/Fundraiser
The 7th Calgary International festival is scheduled for November 6-11 this year. The main event will be a 10-player round-robin tournament with IM norm opportunities. While 9 out of 10 spots will be filled out by invitations, everyone has a chance to claim the last one by winnning the upcoming qualifying tournament. The Qualifier will be held at the Calgary Chess Club on August 16-17. The event webpage has all the details including online pre-registration and payment. The participants of the qualifying tournament will receive a free entry to Aaron Sequillion's lecture on Friday, August 15.

July 7:
Diwen Shi claims the main trophy at the Fort McMurray Open
Quite surprinsingly, after 4 rounds of play the lead was shared between Diwen and Aaron Sequillion (3.5 points each). A clear winner of the tournament could have been determined in their last round head-to-head encounter but it ended in a quick draw. Three other participants (IM Edward Porper, FM Vladimir Pechenkin and David Miller) were then able to win their own games and to get a share of the first place. All five players finished with 4/5. The tie-breaks slightly favoured Diwen Shi who was declared the champion.

July 1:
GM Vassily Ivanchuk wins 9th Edmonton International
This year's edition of the annual festival was probably the most exciting so far. The two invited super-GMs competed fiercely for the first place resulting in a lot of hard-fought games and uncompromising chess. After round 6 the rating favorite of the tournament Wesley So was leading with 5.5 points, and it looked like the main trophy was already within his reach. However, the Filipino grandmaster was unable to win his next two games against much lower-rated opponents, and his rival took full advantage of it. In the end, the Ukrainian legend Vassily Ivanchuk won clear first with a score of 8/9, while Wesley finished half a point behind.
IM Richard Wang demonstrated the best result among Albertans. Richard scored 4/9 including a win over GM Sam Shankland rated 2632 FIDE. Another notable achievement is FM-elect Alex Yam's first GM scalp (Irina Krush). Full standings of the main event of the festival are on the tournament webpage.

June 20:
9th Edmonton International Festival
The lots were drawn at the Edmonton Chess Club at 7 PM, and now everything is ready for the start of the event. All 5 games of the main tournament will be broadcast beginning at 6 PM on Saturday. Visit our online transmission to follow the games in progress.

June 15:
2014 Alberta Seniors Championship
This year's edition of the tournament featured two sections in order to be consistent with both the national and the international regulations. The defending champion Bradley Willis dominated the 65+ Section finishing with a perfect score. Jim Daniluk won the 50+ Section with a result of 4/5.

June 9:
NM Robert Gardner and Aaron Sequillion win 31st Trumpeter Classic
The winners scored 4/5 finishing the tournament undefeated. Their head-to-head encounter was a real thriller that somehow ended in an unlikely draw.

June 2:
Alex Yam qualifies for the Edmonton International
The Qualifier ended in a three-way tie for the first place as Alex Yam, Vladislav Rekhson and David Miller finished the tournament undefeated with 4/5. The tie-breaks favored Alex who earned a spot in the main event.

June 1:
Edmonton International Qualifier is in progress
NM Alex Yam leads after 3 rounds of play with a perfect score. His live FIDE rating has surpassed 2300 meaning that he has fulfilled the requirements for an FM title. Round 4 will feature the battle of the two rating favorites of the tournament Gardner - Yam on board 1. Full standings after Round 3 as well as Round 4 pairings may be viewed on the event webpage.

May 28:
Alberta Schools Championship
65 players from 20 schools participated in the tournament that was held at the Chateau Nova hotel in Edmonton last Saturday. Except for Division III, all the individual and team champions were determined without tie-breaks. Andi Superceanu dominated Division I (grades 1-3) finishing with a perfect 5/5. David Yao emerged victorious with 4.5/5 in a very tightly contested Division II (grades 4-6), with 5 other players scoring 4/5. One of them was Carla Robitu who claimed the "Top Girl" prize. Andre Angelo Tolentino won Division III (grades 7-9), while IM Richard Wang finished with 5/5 in Division IV (grades 10-12). Both individual and team standings are available on the tournament webpage.
It is worth mentioning that the most interesting game of the event was the encounter between IM Wang and Johnny Burn from Fort McMurray. Quite surprisingly, Black won the opponent's queen by move 8 and obtained a decisive material advantage. However, Richard managed to come back into the game and get the full point.

May 19:
Louis Cheng and Vladimir Pechenkin tied for first at the Red Deer Open
David Miller was close to winning the tournament clearly but ended up only third. As a small consolation, David takes the lead in the Road Warrior race.

May 14:
2014 Road Warrior Competition
The full standings have been compiled and are now available on the Road Warrior page.

May 6:
The second edition of the Red Deer Open is the next event on the ACA calendar
The details are on the tournament webpage. Online pre-registration is recommended for participants.

May 5:
2014 Alberta Active Championship in Red Deer
The suprise of the tournament was Chris McKim who finished with a perfect score of 5/5 leaving the other participants far behind. The final standings are available here.

Apr. 30:
9th Edmonton International Website is up
The traditional festival will be held at the Edmonton Chess Club at the end of June. The main event will feature several world class players such as GMs Vassily Ivanchuk, Wesley So and Lazaro Bruzon. The list of the participants is almost complete, the last spot on the roster going to the winner of the upcoming qualifier tournament. As usual, Edmonton International Reserves will be an Open Swiss held alongside the main event.

Apr. 25:
2014 Alberta Active Championship is the next tournament on the ACA schedule
This is a single-day event that will be held in Red Deer on May 4th. The format is the same as last year: a 5-round Swiss beginning at noon. Without exaggeration, there is no other tournament like this one on the ACA calendar. The location is chosen specifically to encourage participation from both Edmonton and Calgary, there is no need to find a place to stay overnight, and each player is guaranteed five fast-paced competitive games in just six hours. It is therefore not surprising at all that the last year's edition of the event featured the top Canadian player, GM Eric Hansen.
The other details are at the tournament webpage. Registration begins on site at 11:15 am.

Apr. 23:
2014 Alberta Seniors Championship is postponed
The new date is June 14-15.

Apr. 20:
NM Alex Yam is the new Alberta Champion
The last day of the Alberta Closed featured plenty of hard-fought battles and dramatic turns of events. In round 4 NM Alex Yam crushed IM Richard Wang with the black pieces and suddenly became the favorite of the championship race. IM Edward Porper was close to losing to NM Gary Ng but managed to save the game by tenacious defence. FM Dale Haessel scored his first point by beating NM Robert Gardner.
In the final round Richard convincingly outplayed Gary Ng and partially redeemed himself but it was too late for him. The outcome of the tournament was decided by a battle of nerves in the last two games to finish. Haessel - Porper looked like a clear win for Black but Edward's inaccuracies prolonged it past the time control. Being in a must-win situation, Alex Yam got in trouble against Rob Gardner as Black's passed pawn looked very strong. However, right before the time control White managed to exchange a couple of major pieces and suddenly reached a favorable endgame. Ultimately, despite Rob's fierce resistance, Alex converted his advantage into a full point and won the title with a score of 4/5. IM Edward Porper finished second with 3.5/5, and IM Richard Wang took the third place (3/5). All the games can be viewed at the tournament webpage.
The Reserves Section was dominated by Nic Haynes and Aaron Sequillion who shared the first prize with a result of 4.5/5. WFM Seyda Shabana Parveen won the Alberta Women's Championship title scoring 4.5/5. A few selected games from both tournaments are also available for viewing.

Apr. 19:
All three Alberta Championships are in progress
The second round of the AB Closed was similar to the first one: two wins by White and a draw by NM Robert Gardner against an International Master. In both cases Rob had the white pieces and was down a pawn for some time. In round 3 the only decisive game was NM Alex Yam's quick win over FM Dale Haessel. This success allowed Alex to catch the two rating favorites whose head-to-head encounter ended in a short draw. NMs Robert Gardner and Gary Ng trail the leaders by half a point.
In the Women's Championship, WFM Seyda Shabana Parveen is the only player with a perfect score of 3/3. Nic Haynes, Micah Hughey and Aaron Sequillion lead the Reserves Section with 2.5/3.

Apr. 18:
2014 Alberta Closed in underway
In the opening round all three games finished before the time control. IM Edward Porper defeated NM Alex Yam, while NM Gary Ng prevailed over FM Dale Haessel. The game between NM Robert Gardner and IM Richard Wang ended in a draw.

Apr. 14:
Easter weekend
The 2014 Alberta Closed will take place at the Edmonton Chess Club next weekend. IMs Edward Porper and Richard Wang are clear favorites to win the title but any of the other four participants is capable of demonstrating a surprising performance. As usual, the Alberta Reserves will be held alongside the main event. This year the Alberta Women's Championship is scheduled at the same time and place so that both Alberta champions would be determined simultaneously.

FM Vladimir Pechenkin has officially become the new Executive Director of the ACA.

Feb 22:
AB Youth Championship is now underway
79 players took part in the largest AB Youth Championship in recent memory.
The under 8 event was won by William Bradford from Edmonton ahead of: Khino Angelo Tolentino and Vishruth Sharma, both from Calgary.  The top girl was: Shanaya Pillai from Fort McMurray.  In the U-10 championship there was a three way tie-for first, but after the tie-break, Ian Zhao from Calgary won his third provincial championship ahead of Sean Mah from Edmonton and Quirck Migrino from Calgary.  The winners scored 4/5 each.  Carla Robitu from Edmonton was the best girl.  The Under 12 division was the largest and it had some really tough fights as usually this division had the longest games of the round.  Patrick Angelo Tolentino from Calgary won first with 4.5/5.  Second was contested in a tie-break which was won by: Kaixin Wang of Edmonton ahead of Jeff Wang from Calgary.  Sydney Mah from Edmonton was the top girl.  The Under 14 division also had three players tie for first with 4/5.  After the tie-break, Nicholas Lee from Edmonton won the title ahead of Johnny Burn from Fort McMurray (best ever result by a Fort McMurray competitor) and Prayus Shrestha from Edmonton.  Hope Gagne from Calgary won the top girl prize.  In the U-16 division, IM Richard Wang from Edmonton was the class of the field as he won it with a perfect 5/5.  Diwen Shi from Calgary finished second with 4/5 and Tamir Bulga from Calgary finished third with 3/5.  Aishwarya Gurumurthy from Fort McMurray was the top girl.  The under 18 section included 3 players.  Jafar Faraji from Lethbridge won first giving the city its best ever result.  Second was won by Boris Verkhoyanskiy ahead of William Wensley, both from Calgary.  A special thanks goes to Paul Gagne for running the event, as well as to: Angelo Tolentino, Ghirindar Koneru, Harris Wang and Jina Burn for assisting with the organizing.  Jina Burn must be commended on bringing in a fantastic group of 29 participants all the way from Fort McMurray to Calgary!
Here are the full final standings

Feb 15:
41 players took part in the 2014 Northern AB Open
IM Richard Wang and the surprising Kim Nguyen won the 2014 Northern AB Open.  Richard had a slightly better tie-break which was used to determine the AB Championship qualification spot.  Since Richard doesn't need it the spot will be available to the third highest among those who didn't qualify by winning a qualifying event.  Kim showed some enterprising play and on his way for the tie for third he defeated FMs Pechenkin and Haessel, drew IM Wang and beat NM Alex Yam.
Go to the tournament page to see the final standings

Feb 7
: Big upcoming tournaments
There are several large upcoming events on the ACA schedule.  On February 8-9, the Mount Royal University in Calgary hosts the Universities Battle of AB.  55 players already pre-registered for this event. 
The traditional Northern AB Open takes place in Edmonton on the Feb 15-16 weekend.  The winner of this event will receive a spot at the 2014 AB Championship.
The AB Youth tournament promises to be the largest in recent memory as 69 players have already pre-registered with two weeks to go.  The competition will take place on Feb 22-23 at the Delta Bow Valley hotel in Calgary.  Tournament details.

Jan 5:
NM Alex Yam is perfect at 2014 John Schleinich Memorial
28 players attended the first ACA tournament of 2014.  National Master Alex Yam was perfect in section A with a score of: 5/5! This was good enough to double the score of the second place finishers as NMs Gary Ng and Martin Robichaud finished with 2.5/5 each.  Section B saw a share of first between Calgary junior Diwen Shi and Edmonton junior David Miller with 4/5 each.  All other sections were dominated by Juniors.  Section C was won by: Tamir Bulga with: 4/5 ahead of Tristan Tran-Ly from Edmonton.  Section D was dominated by two Calgary juniors as Bryan Ma won first with 4.5/5 while Ian Zhao finished second with 3.5/5.  In section E the juniors took the lead as well, as new Calgary arrival: Vishwa Sharma won first with 4.5/6 ahead of: Raphael Libre who finished with 3.5/6. You can see the full standings of the event by going to the tournament page.

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Recent tournaments

Calgary International Qualifier/Fundraiser
May 30-31, Calgary
Organizer: Vlad Rekhson

32nd Trumpeter Classic
June 6-7, Grande Prairie
Organizer: Wade Caughlin

10th Edmonton International
June 20-28, Edmonton
Organizer: Micah Hughey

10th Edmonton International Open
June 26-28, Edmonton
Organizer: Micah Hughey

Upcoming events

Fort McMurray Open
July 4-5, Fort McMurray
Organizer: Jina Burn

Grandmaster Chess Camp
July 27-29, Calgary
Organizer: Vlad Rekhson

8th Calgary International
Chess Classic

July 29-August 3, Calgary Organizer: Vlad Rekhson

Alberta Active Championship
August 16, Red Deer
Organizer: Alexey Taranik