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The Alberta Chess Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of chess in Alberta. We are affiliated with the Chess Federation of Canada, and provide support to players and organizers province wide.

We gratefully acknowledge the support we receive from the  Alberta Sport, Recreation Parks & Wildlife Foundation!

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Apr. 20: NM Alex Yam is the new Alberta Champion
The last day of the Alberta Closed featured plenty of hard-fought battles and dramatic turns of events. In round 4 NM Alex Yam crushed IM Richard Wang with the black pieces and suddenly became the favorite of the championship race. IM Edward Porper was close to losing to NM Gary Ng but managed to save the game by tenacious defence. FM Dale Haessel scored his first point by beating NM Robert Gardner.
In the final round Richard convincingly outplayed Gary Ng and partially redeemed himself but it was too late for him. The outcome of the tournament was decided by a battle of nerves in the last two games to finish. Haessel - Porper looked like a clear win for Black but Edward's inaccuracies prolonged it past the time control. Being in a must-win situation, Alex Yam got in trouble against Rob Gardner as Black's passed pawn looked very strong. However, right before the time control White managed to exchange a couple of major pieces and suddenly reached a favorable endgame. Ultimately, despite Rob's fierce resistance, Alex converted his advantage into a full point and won the title with a score of 4/5. IM Edward Porper finished second with 3.5/5, and IM Richard Wang took the third place (3/5). All the games can be viewed at the tournament webpage.
The Reserves Section was dominated by Nic Haynes and Aaron Sequillion who shared the first prize with a result of 4.5/5. WFM Seyda Shabana Parveen won the Alberta Women's Championship title scoring 4.5/5. A few selected games from both tournaments are also available for viewing.

Apr. 19:
All three Alberta Championships are in progress
The second round of the AB Closed was similar to the first one: two wins by White and a draw by NM Robert Gardner against an International Master. In both cases Rob had the white pieces and was down a pawn for some time. In round 3 the only decisive game was NM Alex Yam's quick win over FM Dale Haessel. This success allowed Alex to catch the two rating favorites whose head-to-head encounter ended in a short draw. NMs Robert Gardner and Gary Ng trail the leaders by half a point.
In the Women's Championship, WFM Seyda Shabana Parveen is the only player with a perfect score of 3/3. Nic Haynes, Micah Hughey and Aaron Sequillion lead the Reserves Section with 2.5/3.

Apr. 18:
2014 Alberta Closed in underway
In the opening round all three games finished before the time control. IM Edward Porper defeated NM Alex Yam, while NM Gary Ng prevailed over FM Dale Haessel. The game between NM Robert Gardner and IM Richard Wang ended in a draw.

Apr. 14:
Easter weekend
The 2014 Alberta Closed will take place at the Edmonton Chess Club next weekend. IMs Edward Porper and Richard Wang are clear favorites to win the title but any of the other four participants is capable of demonstrating a surprising performance. As usual, the Alberta Reserves will be held alongside the main event. This year the Alberta Women's Championship is scheduled at the same time and place so that both Alberta champions would be determined simultaneously.

FM Vladimir Pechenkin has officially become the new Executive Director of the ACA.

Feb 22:
AB Youth Championship is now underway
79 players took part in the largest AB Youth Championship in recent memory.
The under 8 event was won by William Bradford from Edmonton ahead of: Khino Angelo Tolentino and Vishruth Sharma, both from Calgary.  The top girl was: Shanaya Pillai from Fort McMurray.  In the U-10 championship there was a three way tie-for first, but after the tie-break, Ian Zhao from Calgary won his third provincial championship ahead of Sean Mah from Edmonton and Quirck Migrino from Calgary.  The winners scored 4/5 each.  Carla Robitu from Edmonton was the best girl.  The Under 12 division was the largest and it had some really tough fights as usually this division had the longest games of the round.  Patrick Angelo Tolentino from Calgary won first with 4.5/5.  Second was contested in a tie-break which was won by: Kaixin Wang of Edmonton ahead of Jeff Wang from Calgary.  Sydney Mah from Edmonton was the top girl.  The Under 14 division also had three players tie for first with 4/5.  After the tie-break, Nicholas Lee from Edmonton won the title ahead of Johnny Burn from Fort McMurray (best ever result by a Fort McMurray competitor) and Prayus Shrestha from Edmonton.  Hope Gagne from Calgary won the top girl prize.  In the U-16 division, IM Richard Wang from Edmonton was the class of the field as he won it with a perfect 5/5.  Diwen Shi from Calgary finished second with 4/5 and Tamir Bulga from Calgary finished third with 3/5.  Aishwarya Gurumurthy from Fort McMurray was the top girl.  The under 18 section included 3 players.  Jafar Faraji from Lethbridge won first giving the city its best ever result.  Second was won by Boris Verkhoyanskiy ahead of William Wensley, both from Calgary.  A special thanks goes to Paul Gagne for running the event, as well as to: Angelo Tolentino, Ghirindar Koneru, Harris Wang and Jina Burn for assisting with the organizing.  Jina Burn must be commended on bringing in a fantastic group of 29 participants all the way from Fort McMurray to Calgary!
Here are the full final standings

Feb 15:
41 players took part in the 2014 Northern AB Open
IM Richard Wang and the surprising Kim Nguyen won the 2014 Northern AB Open.  Richard had a slightly better tie-break which was used to determine the AB Championship qualification spot.  Since Richard doesn't need it the spot will be available to the third highest among those who didn't qualify by winning a qualifying event.  Kim showed some enterprising play and on his way for the tie for third he defeated FMs Pechenkin and Haessel, drew IM Wang and beat NM Alex Yam.
Go to the tournament page to see the final standings

Feb 7
: Big upcoming tournaments
There are several large upcoming events on the ACA schedule.  On February 8-9, the Mount Royal University in Calgary hosts the Universities Battle of AB.  55 players already pre-registered for this event. 
The traditional Northern AB Open takes place in Edmonton on the Feb 15-16 weekend.  The winner of this event will receive a spot at the 2014 AB Championship.
The AB Youth tournament promises to be the largest in recent memory as 69 players have already pre-registered with two weeks to go.  The competition will take place on Feb 22-23 at the Delta Bow Valley hotel in Calgary.  Tournament details.

Jan 5:
NM Alex Yam is perfect at 2014 John Schleinich Memorial
28 players attended the first ACA tournament of 2014.  National Master Alex Yam was perfect in section A with a score of: 5/5! This was good enough to double the score of the second place finishers as NMs Gary Ng and Martin Robichaud finished with 2.5/5 each.  Section B saw a share of first between Calgary junior Diwen Shi and Edmonton junior David Miller with 4/5 each.  All other sections were dominated by Juniors.  Section C was won by: Tamir Bulga with: 4/5 ahead of Tristan Tran-Ly from Edmonton.  Section D was dominated by two Calgary juniors as Bryan Ma won first with 4.5/5 while Ian Zhao finished second with 3.5/5.  In section E the juniors took the lead as well, as new Calgary arrival: Vishwa Sharma won first with 4.5/6 ahead of: Raphael Libre who finished with 3.5/6. You can see the full standings of the event by going to the tournament page.

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Recent tournaments

Calgary Schools Championship
April 12, Calgary
Organizer: Paul Gagne

Alberta Closed Championship
April 18-20, Edmonton
Organizer: Vladimir Pechenkin

Alberta Championship Reserves
April 19-20, Edmonton
Organizer: Vladimir Pechenkin

Alberta Women's Championship
April 19-20, Edmonton
Organizer: Vladimir Pechenkin

Upcoming events

Alberta Active Championship

May 4, Red Deer
Organizer: Alexey Taranik

Red Deer Open

May 17-18, Red Deer
Organizer: Alexey Taranik