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Head Organizer: Micah Hughey:

The schedule of the 7th Edmonton International will be as follows:

Players Arrival: June27
Players meeting, opening Ceremony: June 27.  6:30 pm.
Round 1: June 27.  7:00 pm.
Round 2: June 28.  11:00 am.
Round 3: June 28.  7:00 pm.
Round 4: June 29.  6:00 pm.
Round 5: June 30.  11:00 am.
Round 6: June 30.  6:00 pm.
Round 7: July 1.  11:00 am.
Round 8: July 1.  6:00 pm.
Round 9: July 2. 11:00 am.
Closing Ceremony: Immediately following the completion of round 9.

Entry Fees:
FM/WFM: $100+$100 deposit refundable at the end of all the games.
All others: $150+$100 deposit refundable at the end of all the games.

Norm minimums: 7/9 for a GM norm and 5/9 for an IM norm.

Prizes: Minimum guarantee:
1st. $1000
2nd: $500
3rd: $250

Scoring: For the first time a 3 point scoring system will be used to determine tournament placement.  3 points will be awarded for a win.  1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss.

Time controls:
40 moves/90 minutes, followed by game/ 30 minutes, + 30 seconds increment from move 1.  Default late time: 60 min.

Drawing of lots: Pairings are now available on the Standings page.

Special rules:

1) Draws should not be agreed upon before move 30.
2) In case of a quickly played game that ends in a well known draw by repetition, the organizers may treat the game the same as if it ended in agreed draw in less than 30 moves.

Penalties: 10% taken off prizes won per incident.


GM Nigel Short (2705, England)


Photo: Chessbase

The name Nigel Short needs no introduction in international chess circles.
He rose to dominate English chess in the late 1980's. He defeated former World Champion Anatoly Karpov and Jan Timman in Candidates' matches to earn the right to play Garry Kasparov in the World Championship Match (1993), where Kasparov retained his title.

In recent years, Short has taken first place in several major chess events, including Gibraltar (2012) and the Bangkok Open (2012).

He is currently residing in Greece.

GM Anton Kovalyov (2619, Argentina)

Photo: Chesspatzerblog

GM Kovalyov is only 20 years old but he has already lived in three different countries.  Born in the Ukraine, Anton later moved with his family to Argentina.  In 2007, Anton moved with his family once again and settled in Montreal.  Despite living in Canada for the last few years, Anton still represents Argentina, but that will probably change by the end of this year. 
With a rating of 2619, Anton is currently 11th on FIDE's top world junior list. 
GM Kovalyov is a winner of many International tournaments including the 2009-2010 Quebec Invitationals and the 2009 Calgary International.

This will be Anton's first appearance at the Edmonton International. 

GM Victor Mikhalevski (2519, Israel)

Born in Belarus, Victor and his family moved to Israel in 1991. Already, he had qualified to the USSR Junior Championship five times! Victor had twice won the Israel Junior Championship in the 90s and became a GM in 1996 at the age of 24. Victor has represented Israel in the Chess Olympics in 2006, scoring an impressive 5/7. Probably his greatest victory came in the Calvia Open in 2007 where he took clear first place where his opposition included seven GMs.

His performance rating in that event was a cool 2900! Victor is also an active chess trainer and active player, appearing in the crosstables in many events around the world. This will be Victor’s second appearance in the Edmonton International. In 2009, Victor shared first with 7/9!

IM Irina Krush (2457, USA)


IM Irina Krush is originally from Ukraine, but she moved to Brooklyn at the age of 5.  Irina is a 4 time US Champion; a title that she last won in May of 2012.
This will be Irina's first appearance at the Edmonton International, although she has previously played in two Canadian Opens in Edmonton.

IM Edward Porper (2414, Edmonton, Canada)

Edward is the highest rated player in Edmonton.  Arguably, his greatest achievement to date came at the 2009 Canadian Open in Edmonton where he shared first place ahead of GMs Shirov, Adams, among others.
This year Edward was selected to represent Canada at the Olympiad. 

This will be Edward's fourth participation in the Edmonton International.  His best achievement to date came last year, when he finished third.

FM Vladimir Pechenkin (2312, Edmonton, Canada)

Vlad is the current Edmonton champion as he managed to pull off an upset against IM Edward Porper, in this year's city finals.  This will be Vlad's fifth participation in the Edmonton International.  His best result to date came in last year's event where he scored 5/9 after a super-solid performance of eight draws and one win.  Arguably the best result of Vlad's chess career came in the 2009 Canadian Open, held in Edmonton, where he managed to draw against an English Grandmaster; Michael Adams.
In May 2012, FM Pechenkin earned his first IM norm at the Calgary International Chess Classic.

FM Richard Wang (2307, Edmonton, Canada)

After finishing third in the 2009 world u-12 championship, Richard continued to ascend into the chess rating stratosphere.  This April, Richard's rating rose over 2300 for the first time earning him the FM title.  He did that in style, as he become the youngest ever Alberta Champion at the age of 13!

IM Leon Piasetski (2304, Vancouver, Canada)

Photo: Leon Piasetski

Leon represented Canada at five chess olympiads from 1974 until 1992.  He is also one of only 4 players to participate in Canadian Championships in the four decades starting from 1960s until 1990s.
This will be the first Edmonton International participation for IM Piasetski.

NM Robert J. Gardner (2202, Edmonton, Canada)

For the second year in a row, Rob had to earn his participation in the International by winning the qualifier event. 
This will be Rob "the Rocket's" fifth participation in the International.  His best result of 4/9 came in the original event; back in 2006. 

FM Dale Haessel (2161, Calgary, Canada)

Photo: Monroi

Dale is the only player who participated in all the editions of the Edmonton International.  Despite his relatively low rating, Dale is always dangerous.  In 2011 he shocked the Alberta chess community when he scored his first IM norm at the Calgary International.


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